Sunday, May 3, 2015

Efemela Dormitel: A Review

We originally planned to go backpacking and not stay there for one night. We'll just go to Davao for the seminar and go home afterwards. We'll sleep while riding the bus back home. But when my appointment was canceled, I immediately suggested change of plans. And yes, the plan was changed. We were left with no choice but to stay, and enjoy Davao! We're going to Samal the following day! So, we found a good and cheap place to stay! Efemela!

When there's already a need, resources immediately becomes within sight or periphery. It's as if, the resources are just around, waiting to be tapped. Isn't it that sometimes, you don't notice the thing before the need for it arises? That's exactly what happened. Thanks to the good souls who accommodated us. 

Efemela is within the City of Davao. Their address and contact numbers are found here:

They have cheap rooms as low as P650 for Single room. Contac them on those visible numbers of the above picture. They are very welcoming and warm to guests. 

They also have monthly packages, if you wish to stay longer. They have monthly rates here.

But you see, it's not just the rates. I like their set-up too. The place is so cool with these wall.

And here's a snapshot of our room, I was not able to take a pic on the side where the TV was hung, and a little cabinet/closet for things and clothes. Rooms have their own comfort rooms as well.

We had a comfortable rest and sleep in Efemela. And would surely stay again there, if I'll visit Davao in the future. :-)


Service: 5.0 We were actually asking about the packages, ways, and tours in Samal, and the girl on the reception was just too patient answering all my questions! Thanks to her. We were able to go to Samal. Our reservation was duly noted, and we were given a very accessible room.

Sanitation: 4.9 It's clean, but there are areas in the comfort room, I found a little stain or should I say dirt on some areas of the comfort room. But very negligible, I was just meticulous.haha I saw it. And didn't escape my sight.

Price: 5.0 Very reasonable and affordable. A go to dormitel if you're looking for good quality, cheap-priced, comfortable, temporary dwelling.

Ambiance: 5.0 Very comfortable. Quiet. Accessible. It's in front of a kitchenette where great tasting food are served. I just didn't remember I'm not sure if it was Mhalda. Or something sounds like that. A good place to stay.

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