Friday, May 1, 2015

Doro Adventures: Obligatory Jump Shots

I have recently compiled several jump shots in places I visited. Here are some of the jumpshots I made so far. I will update this post soon as I visit some more new places.

1. This was at a wide space just right in the street going to Tuasan falls in Camiguin. I had to take a jump shot with the razed mountain on the background.

2. Taken when we visited the Lady of Good Voyage in Dipolog. A vessel traveling from Dipolog to Cebu and vice-versa. 

3. This was a shot taken when we passed by a beach at Dapitan! 

4. A shot taken at Dapitan's Rizal Shrine!

5. A jumpshot taken at Dapitan with the beach view as a background!

6. A jumpshot taken at Samal Island, with pearl farm and another island as a background. The shot was taken at the top of Kaputian.

7. A shot taken with the Sunset of White Beach, Basdaku, Cebu!

Many more jumpshots to come! :-)

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