Monday, February 9, 2015

What Can You Learn From Uploading Photos On Facebook? It Tells You Something That Would Help You In Life!

The way we steward our memories can be a major impediment to our developing a great attitude. Past experiences, as ell as our perceptions of those experiences, are collected over the years. These are stored in what I call our internal photo album. Here your memories, like pictures, are catalogued for quick retrieval.

These photo album are similar to plastic picture holders we keep in our wallets or the albums we keep on the shelves in our family room - you know, the ones filled with pictures of our children, vacations, birthday parties, graduations and the like. The pictures that made it into these hallowed pages of fame represent only a faction of the pictures actually taken. How did these specific pictures get the honor of holding the family's memories? What qualities earned each snapshot the privilege of being mounted in the family photo album?

Well, it works like this. The family member who is the first to arrive on the scene and thumb through the pictures will actually make the cut. In our household, that person is usually mom. But on facebook most of us choose the photos that will be seen in public. Haha! Admit it! Yes, you choose what should be published! 

Now the selection process begins. If, as she is thumbing through the 3x5 inch prints, she came across a picture that makes her look heavier than she really is, out it goes! Or just take the case of uploading photos on your online photo album, yes! Facebook! If you see a picture that makes you look heavier, or a little bit less than beautiful or handsome, would you not discard such picture? It is discarded immediately without any hope for trial. Any photo snapped at the precise moment a forkful of food was entering your mouth is consigned to the dark abyss of your trash bin. If there's one that shows you with eyes closed, looking funny, with bad posture or anything else that might be conceived in the eyes of the beholder as less than optimal, it is whisked away without funeral or fuss.

Only these pictures that cause you to rival the best male models or best female models make it into your album! Then when someone pages through one of your commemorative displays, you look like you just stepped off a Hollywood set.

None of us would ever allow all the pictures into our albums. That would be horrible. And neither would we take the poorest of the pictures, place them neatly under each cellophane page or upload it on our facebook photo album (or instagram, twipic, or pinterest) and throw away all the best shots! That would be masochistic!

As silly as that sounds, that's often exactly what we do with our memories. We forget the best and remember the worst. We tuck the injuries away in the pages of our mental photo albums, and whenever we get the chance, we thumb through the pain again and again. If you could flip through most of people's memory albums, you would probably find few prize pictures and many more painful ones.   

Today, please find time to screen out your memory albums. Send to trash all those that is causing you pain and hurt. And thumb all those that would make you smile. Choose what to put on your wallet! Choose the best shots in your life! 

It is absolutely critical that we steward our memories well. Why? The memories you choose to keep will either give you courage, or they will steal what courage you have. Your memories will either help to build your faith or plague you with doubts. 

Has someone injured you in the past? You can either file a picture of the hurt in your album or discard it. If you choose to retain and rehearse the event, turning it over and over in your mind, it will affect you adversely. Each time you come into contact with this person, you will notice a distance growing between you. Your most strenuous attempts at conversation will prove shallow and insincere at best. Your memories have stolen your courage to resolve the problem and interest genuinely. On the other hand, when we store pictures of the wonderful moments shared with our loved ones, our courage is bolstered so that we can talk openly and honestly with them.


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