Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Window In Front Of You! Keep it Clean! Keep it Beautiful!

Hanging in front of every one of us is an invisible window through which we see the world around us. As we go through life, we view events, circumstances and people through this belief window. 

As time goes on, different things are etched on our windows, and whatever is written will color or discolor what we view through that window. These things may be something wonderful, like God's promises; or they can be demeaning, like a remembered insult. What you see can resemble a beautiful mural or ugly graffiti, depending on what you choose to allow onto your window.

Your parents may have drummed into you that you're slow or irresponsible, and from that time forward, you've seen everything in light of that statement. "You'll never amount to anything," they may have said. Later in life when you made a mistake, you may have seen that situation in such a way that confirmed to you that you indeed are irresponsible and slow. 

You can't always prevent people from spraying graffiti on your window, but you can decide whether or not to let it remain there!

You alone are responsible for what is written on that window - inside as well as out. You see, we have a tendency to scribble pretty demeaning things on it ourselves! You must steward that window, clean it regularly and ensure that only those things that build you up remain there.

Circumstances and people are going to make a mess out of that window, but it's up to you to let it continue to exist or cause its extinction. Choose to have a beautiful window! Eliminate anything that would make you less than the person God wanted you to be! What people tell you and what their opinion about you won't matter, as long as you are anchored on God's word, that you are His creation! 

Let God's word clean your perspective and mentor you in the ways of life. It will form your character and fashion your personality, shaping your attitude until it becomes the underlying foundation for fruitfulness in every area of your life. Remember, poor thoughts equal poor attitudes. So be careful what you allow into your mind! 


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