Saturday, February 7, 2015

The High Ridge Experience! Kagay-anons! :-)

I've read on facebook posts about "High Ridge". Saw those posts like "go for the view not for the food." But I told myself, I have to find out for myself, what it is. I was familiar with the place since it's a re-opened establishment. So I was wondering, what it looks like this time. When my friends/colleagues invited me to go there, I said yes. 

The place has improved, yes, and the set up is somehow brighter. The view, indeed is fantastic! We came earlier so we witnessed the sun set. These is a view overlooking the city of golden friendship! 

People are giving their orders to the crew, while I was busy taking pictures. 
 Told my colleagues to take their obligatory picture and pose on the side where the city is the background. That's JP, Hannah, Clyde, Chef Kiko and Ryan for the obligatory pose! :-)
I don't know if it's still because the sun is bright, or you just want to make faces! haha 

Next time you'd have to agree whether it's wacky or formal pic! Seems like you're a little bit less coordinated! Haha look at you guys! haha 

We were given the consumable coupon. Each person would have to pay P100 person to be admitted inside the premises of High Ridge, but good thing is, you can use these P100 coupon to purchase food inside. We have P600 worth of coupons, but unfortunately, with our capacity, it cannot just be P600. Haha
High Ridge consumable coupons.
 This was a weekend. So it was filled with guests. Mostly just curious about the place. About the view, and nothing else... You can see people rushing to take pictures (which we already did), and then later compelled to order, since there's a P100 coupon. However, you'd have to know that it's a little bit pricey there.
Some random groups my camera has captured. Taking orders, having chitchat waiting for their orders.
 And you could see Clyde here smiling while looking at the menu, was it because the food on the menu were quite interesting? Or was it the crew you're interested in Clyde? haha 

May I take your order sir? 

Here's the menu sir.

Seems to be so happy to give his choices. :-)
After we gave our orders, we've taken pictures. Had chitchat while waiting for the food to be served.

Yeah, we managed to have asked a crew to take a picture of us with the city as the back ground. Thanks crew!
 And these are the pictures I've taken when darkness filled the place, it's a beautiful view of the city's lights starting to spark. And yeah, it's a refreshing view with a refreshing wind. So cool! Feels like you're in some kind of a summer capital area. :-) 

Chef is devouring the salad. Sorry Chef, I know the food did not pass your standards, but what can we do? We're already there, and we have to eat something. We're a bunch of hungry creatures, let's give our tummies something to digest! :-)

The face of a dissatisfied chef? :-)
We were suppose to eat yummy viands, yummy food! But, well, according to our tastebuds, it's just something to fill our stomach. Plus, took them quite longer to serve the food. When the food was served, we were amazed our (meaning Chef's) instructions weren't followed. There was even a mistake in the food served, we ordered the Crispy Pata, the Lechon Kawali was served. And the little details were not given attention, they were lucky to have been graced by no less than the chef, and the #feelingchefandexpertspeople. Wouldn't rate the service higher than 5 in a scale of 1-10, and 10 being the highest.

I took another picture of the view. And yeah, it's amazing! Indeed, go for the view, not for the food! :-)

 Here they are, trying to pretend like the food is great guys? haha Smile! Life is beautiful! LOL!

 Wait I'll join you guys. Haha 
There, that's me! Thanks to the crew again. :-)
As the skies have taken darkness in, the place have taken in more guests. It's filled with guests all wanting to know what's in High Ridge. Well at least majority of them are just curious to see what it is. 

Yeah, these are some people busy taking pictures, selfies, groupfies, etc. 

Our version of groupfie?
 So what do I have to say? 

Personally, I've enjoyed it. Not because of the food, but because we've had some good laughs! Wherever you put us, we'll always be crazy. So expect us to burst in laughters for seemingly no reason at all. The view is just awesome, you'd have to see it. If you've seen it, I'd understand, why it's enough! :-) 

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