Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dagan Mo, Kaugmaon Ko! A PHINMA-COC Fun Run!

It was a Sunday, I woke at 2:00 A.M. I've slept earlier the night before because of a very busy schedule. However, it was a blessing that I was off to bed early as I've got an early commitment to attend to on that Sunday! Yes! Fun Run! With the theme "Dagan mo, Kaugmaon Ko", the proceeds will go the scholarship fund of the school to fund several scholars of the school PHINMA-Cagayan de Oro College!

I got ready, and took my Race bib, I can do this! Haha feeling inspired and encouraged! :-)  I am running for 5K but the bib shows 3K with superimposition! haha

I left home at around quarter to 5:00 A.M. And just as I arrived at the school entrance (assembly area), I've heard the shouted, "alright, get ready 5k runners, you are now going to be next, in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... gunshot!) I joined the run of the more or less four thousand runners!

I did not expect myself to run the entire 5K, I know that I haven't been warming up. But I am amazed that I was able to run for quite a distance without resting. Specially when I went ahead of my colleagues in the office. I was able to finish though the 5K in forty-four minutes (yeah I know I was too slow), but it's still an accomplishment for me. You see, I don't jog every day now. So, it's a great come back start! hahah :-)

The route was from PHINMA-COC Campus main gate, going to Vamenta Boulevard to C.M. Recto Highway turning left towards Bulua, then a U-turn at N-hotel then back to PHINMA-COC! It's a Fun-run-walk-run-walk-walk-walk-run-walk-walk-walk-run...walk. Haha!

After the race, we were informed that we can already claim our certificate. We proceeded to the releasing area where snacks were also served.

But hey, we didn't just get a certificate, we also had a reward from our Chief Operations Officer Mr. Bangcola! Thank you sir!

Milo was also there to distribute free cold drinks! Wasn't able to take a picture of the very small cup there were distributing.

We had a little chitchat before we were asked to join a Zumba! Yes, we danced after the run. We were gathered at the quadrangle! And yes, they hired instructors to lead us in the Zumba!

Then a dance or presentation number from the basic education department followed.

We had fun watching!
Go basic ed

After the presentation, the new PHINMA-COC landmark was also revealed!

The ladies don't want to go home without a picture of the FINISH LINE with them. So here it is!
Reina, Hannah and Agnes
Reina, Agnes, Hannah and Ryan

Then off we go to get something to fill our empty stomach. These was the view as we crossed the newly opened bridge!

It was a fun-filled run! Indeed it's a fun run! I enjoyed the kickstart of the foundation celebration! Congrat's PHINMA-COC! 

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