Friday, November 7, 2014

You May Be Suffering From A Disorder That You Didn't Know Which Makes You Disorganized See Your Diagnosis Here

You may disorganized, but you believe you're not the worst, but then again you have to assess yourself, why are you not organized? Can you still do some changes to be organized? These are compilation of the "disorders" that you may be suffering from which caused you to be disorganized. See for yourself, which disorder were you (unknowingly or knowingly) suffering. 

Philomania. The uncontrollable urge to stack papers for future reference.

Filophobia. The fear of putting anything into the dark recesses of a filing cabinet.

L-ADD. Lack of Attention to Desk Disorder.

Justincaser. Keeps, but can't locate, things that will never be needed again.

Decisionalysis. Paralysis of the decision-making ability of an individual.

Clutterholic. Compulsively creates chaos in well-ordered areas.

Shelf Denial. Avoidance of acquiring enough shelving to hold the necessary equipment, resulting in the use of floor space as one large flat shelf.

Project Management Hallucinosis. The erroneous belief that one must wait for just the right humor in order to tackle a project, rather than facing the reality that organized people respond to the need, not the mood.

Starter Stutter. Finding it hard to get started, getting hung up at the beginning of a project.

Bipolar Dis-ordered. Roller-coaster method of organizing (clean up, spiral down into disorder, clean up, spiral down into disorder, feeling sick).

Infoholic. Addicted to the gathering of information from newspapers, magazines, books television, and internet sources in the form of clippings, notebook jottings, computer files, or deep storage in the old cerebrum.

Don't-Finish-Up Fever. Tendence to leave an activity before it's fully finished or before materials and tools are returned to their proper storage areas.

Distractophelia. Condition of repeatedly losing focus in the middle of a thought or action, resulting in a trail of started-but-unfinished activities.

Once you've diagnosed yourself what your disorder(s) is/are, then you would be able to apply or take the right dose of medicine or even the proper medicine. Be a good doctor to yourself, make an honest diagnosis to have a cure. It's not that complicated. You can win this. :-) 

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