Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Sunset View Told Me That Day

The photo above was taken by yours truly last Monday. In this busy and almost always hurried life, I reckon we sometimes need to pause and appreciate what's around us.

I was on my way home, hurrying to drop by a grocery store to pick up some of my personal necessities, when this picture caught my attention and I ended up telling myself, "wait, I have to take this picture!" Indeed, pictures are everywhere, and you just need to take them.

This is one of the random pictures I took using my phone,  I usually enjoy taking B&W photos, I like it raw and its simplicity exudes the pictures' antics and luxury.

Just to be clear though, I am not in a Black & White challenge going on facebook. This is my personal choice to take and share my appreciation nature.

So, what's in this picture that caught your attention?
  1. I love the sunset. It means that each busy and seemingly tiring day will have an end. Just like the brightest day with the sun at its fullest shine, it has to rest and set. Our days, circumstances, and challenges too shall pass and set.
  2. That when life starts to darken, we would need some light. I saw the billboard's light are on that early, so when there's darkness, there's the "light" that shines over that billboard and allow it to show its existence. In the same way, we too need light, our light could be in the form of friends or family.
  3. That even if you stand so tall in the midst of every one, you cannot stay in pride and percolate grandeur without someone to hold you up, and someone to keep flashing you the light. And if you stand tall enough to be seen by every one, that means you intentionally or unintentionally sharing yourself to others, and makes you responsible for it. Be the best influence then. Don't make your pedestalic advantage be in vain. Show some of yourself that is of value. 
  4. And just like the life of the billboard, you are a constant advertisement. You are your testimony. Be a good one. 
  5. Take time to pause, and enjoy every bit of God's creation. Felicitating that you have the chance to witness the augustness of the world.
Have a great day! :-)

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