Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's My Dad's Death Anniversary Today And I Am Remembering What He Taught Me About Life

Today I remember my Dad. This is the 12th anniversary of my Dad's date of joining the Almighty. I tried to browse of the pictures we had before, when Dad was forced to take pictures with the family and for pictures when there are occasions like birthdays and birthdays. Haha

Picture of Dad attending a wedding as a principal sponsor. Can't remember who was married that time. :D

I got some of the blurry photos from my sister's file. I am away from home so I am only able to get soft copies of poorly scanned pictures. These may be blurry but the memories of my Dad is still so vivid in my mind. I could still remember his lessons about life. 
My Dad and Mom with my batch.haha we are the second batch of kids. The baby is our youngest sister.

Mom and Dad with my Siblings.

What Dad taught me about life?

1. Excellence - he was the one who actually pushed me beyond my limits. He was the one who challenged me every now and then to give more. To get less than your best is mediocrity, to perform without excellence, is for him, not performance at all. He is always at the watchtower of success and he keeps telling me to come closer to the highest peak. He is my ultimate challenger in almost everything. He said, "I know you're a bright kid (my heart enlarged a thousand times) but you're not using your intelligence! Your teacher says you got these honors, but you don't show it in your work." I could never understand that. I was only performing at school for the sake of passing. It wasn't really my concern to get achievements, until he told me I can do more. I have become aware that there are more to life than what I already got.

2. Dream - he taught me to dream. He has traveled to places so he usually tell me stories of countries he visited. He told me wonderful things about the world, and made me want to travel more. I guess this is where I got my being an explorer (lakwatsero). He told me about the world and what I could achieve. He basically, make me dream. 

3. Hard-work and Discipline - he doesn't like a weakling. He don't let anyone get in the way of achieving goals. He, most of the time, don't accept excuses. He has made me strong by making me courageous. At a young age, I would have to wake up early around 4:00 am to get some woods (panggatong), and all kinds of vegetables, ingredients (if I could call it) for feeding our hogs. At a young age, I get to conquer my fear of darkness. 4:00 am is still dark, but we are already sent to go out and do our tasks. 

4. Humility - I am struggling on this. You see, I don't really see myself as humble, most of the time I boast. (yeah, sorry! :( but that's how I really act.) However, Dad was so humble that he gave me a great example, if he knew he was wrong he would say "sorry", even to me, his son. He will reach out and say "sorry son, I was wrong." I am struggling on this, because I usually find it hard to say sorry. Most of the time, I just don't talk, because I know I was wrong! (yeah, such arrogance!), but I am working on it. I do pray, I will be able to practice humility soonest.

5. A lot more. I can't enumerate everything, but these by far, are the things I could tell right now. There are a lot of things that he's done in my life. He's made an impact in my life, even after his death. Even my profession was his choice, which I love right now. :-) I guess my siblings can also share their thoughts. :-)

Today, I honor my Dad. I thank God for giving me such a great Daddy who really is a man in the family! Dad, I know I didn't say this much to you, "I love you!"

And to you, who is reading this, I hope when you get the chance to tell your loved ones, how much you love them. Tell them. The best time to tell them is now. Simple text message. Simple call. Simple card. Simple and random act of care and love would be much appreciated in one way or another. 

I encourage everyone right now, to live their lives with the intention of living a positive imprint in the world. Stay positive! Stay inspired! Stay awesome!

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