Thursday, October 2, 2014

Which Glasses Are You Wearing?

At different times in our lives and in different situations, most of us tend to look at our personal relationships, our teams, our organizations, and our governments through one of two sets of glasses: "blink trust" (naivete) or "distrust" (suspicion). At times, we may even go back and forth between the two. These glasses have been created by a number of factors, including the way our parents and grandparents may have seen the world (our response to them and their perception), the experiences we've had in our personal and professional lives, the people we interact with, the things we read, the things we watch, and the things we listen to.

However, most of us don't even realize that we have these glasses on. We think we're seeing the world as it is, rather than as the lenses we wear make it appear. And we never take our glasses off and really look at them to see what kind of effect they're having in our lives - or what might be different if we're to put on different glasses.

In our workshops, we often share an experience Stephen had while vacationing in Montana.

One time, I hired a guide to take me fly-fishing. While we were fishing, he asked me, "What do you see?"
"I see a beautiful river."
"Do you see any fish?"
Then he told me to put on a pair of polarized glasses.
Suddenly everything looked dramatically different. I could see through the water, and I could see fish - a lot of fish. Suddenly I saw enormous possibilities that I had not seen before. The fish were there all along, but until I put on the glasses, they were hidden.
Now, let me ask you to stop and take a good look at whatever glasses you might be wearing now, and ask yourself:

  • What kind of glasses am I wearing?
  • Where did I get them?
  • Are they creating the results I want in my life?
  • Are they enabling me to see the abundant possibilities that exist for creating prosperity, energy and joy?
Only as we understand how we're seeing the world now - and the impact it's having on the quality of our lives - can we truly appreciate the difference a new pair of glasses can make.

(From Stephen M.R. Covey's "Smart Trust")

We often miss out on things because we wear the wrong glasses in life. Often this relates to our attitude towards things. Allow me to invite you today, to rediscover yourself. As those questions Stephen M.R. Covey suggested to be asked by you, to yourself. It's quite interesting to know thyself again. 

I hope you realize some things in the process, you would reach the point of deciding to wear the right glasses of life moving forward, so you would see the "fish" that without the glasses or with the wrong glasses were hidden. Wearing the right glasses would open your self to great possibilities and views.   

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