Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Train Your Eyes to See What is Good

All our lives, we have trained our eyes to see what is bad. From an early age, we have been training ourselves incorrectly. We get up and read the morning newspaper over breakfast, getting our minimum daily requirement of bad news. On the way to work, we stop by a newsstand and buy the latest issue of U.S. Bad News and World Report, so we can find out what's wrong with the world. After work we rush home and watch the "CBS Evening Bad News," then stay up lat to watch the day's worst events all over again on the local 10 o'clock bad news. We then lay down for a restless night's sleep with bad dreams, only to get up with a bad attitude so we can have another bad day at work - just as we have done every day for years!

We have to retrain our eyes. The reason is this: Whatever we're looking for is what we will see. That's how God made us. If we are looking for something good, we will see what is good. If we're always looking for what's wrong with people, what will we see everywhere we turn? Everything that's wrong.

A man in 1984 moved to a quiet little town called Hilo on the southermost island in Hawaii. One day his wife came home and announced, "Honey, I know what I want!"

"What?" he asked.

"I want  a Mazda MPV van. Buy me one!" she pleaded.

"Uh-uh," he grunted.

She said, "But it's a beautiful van!"

He had never seen a Mazda van. "Mazda doesn't make vans. I've never seen one." he said.

She said, "Oh, yes! They make them. They're beautiful!"

"Honey, Mazda doesn't make vans." he said

She said, "Yes they do! Jump in the car!"

They climbed into the car trekked into town. Within 15 minutes, a Mazda van pulled through an intersection they were approaching. His wife exclaimed, "There's one!"

He said, "That's nice! I didn't realize Mazda made vans."

Withing 15 minutes, another one came by. She said, "There's another one! And that's the color I want! If you love me. . ."

Within the hour, they have seen six Mazda vans! He hadn't even known there was such a vehicle, but suddenly they were everywhere! Isn't that how it always work? When you're thinking of purchasing a certain car, you notice it everywhere. Everyone's driving your car!

Likewise, if we look for the best in other people, then we will see the most beautiful people in the world everywhere we turn. 

What you are looking for, you will begin to see.

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