Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tips on How to be Productive

Today has been a great day! I have several things to do, but have accomplished them all today too! While I shared previously about the importance of making a decision, I just want to give my personal thoughts as an addition. 

I have the following things lined up today:

  1. Be one of the adjudicators in the debate for the Philosophy class. Of course this requires my attention and explaining rules also coming up a verdict later on.
  2. Present our organizational development of an organization as a requirement in Human Resource Development. This requires presenting our evaluation and be ready for the questions that could possibly be thrown at us after the presentation.
  3. Attend a Board meeting. This requires my professional presence (of mind and body), while interacting, discussing (arguing), and coming up sound decisions for the organization.
  4. Attend class to consolidate work for the Management Information System research. 
  5. Submit requirements for Japanese Language. This requires application of my knowledge and being able to formulate sentences using the foreign language.
  6. Attend the final class of Japanese Language and Culture. I took the responsibility of reserving for the venue and well, it's my responsibility to make sure that we have our seats when we get there.
  7. Initially have our clearance signed. 

Amazingly, I've accomplished them. I was able to attend to these things in a day! I'd say it's a productive day. So how did I do it? As Napoleon Hill said in his book You have a brain and mind of your own. Use it, and reach your own decisions." You see, you have to decide! Say yes to the decision! 

Say you'll do it!

When you plan something, say you'll do it! That statement should be as sincere as possible. This includes coming up with concrete plans how you're going to do it. Be specific as possible. Do not give loopholes for "procrastination" chances. 

If there are uncertain things, do your research, ask around, use other people's intelligence and information. Do not allow yourself to be fooled by yourself by suggesting that it cannot be done because of the uncertainties. 

Whether things are certain or not, say "I'll do it anyway!"

Put yourself in a "compelling situation" to do it.

Words are plain words unless small steps followed after the utterance of those words. Most often than not, people are so quick at saying something they "wanted" to do, but really doesn't take the steps towards that what they "wanted, well, obviously they fail to accomplish it. 

Do not allow yourself to be infected by this epidemic. Allow me to reiterate what Napoleon Hill said "Procrastination, the opposite of decision, is a common enemy which practically every man must conquer."

"But," you'd say,"sometimes, I just feel like I am so tired, or I was hit by a great deal of laziness! So, I don't accomplish anything at all for quite sometime". That, my friend, is really procrastination. And one way to fight that, is to burn bridges. By putting yourself in a situation where retreat is not possible, then it's already, "compelling"! Congratulations, you'll find yourself saying, "I can do this!" now, with more conviction.

Do it!

As Nike's famous line says, "Just do it!", then please just do it. you are already in a compelling situation (it's already set, the deadline is there, you've already given your commitment, or you have already agreed to do it in legal terms with legal repercussions), so yeah, you've burned all bridges to retreat. The only option for you is to allow yourself to die in the situation (allowing the stress to kill you, not literally but kill your reputation, relationship, etc), or choose to live, by choosing to just do it!

Below is the picture of the last event I accomplished, attending the dinner with Japanese Class' together with Ueda-sensei and Campano-sensei.

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