Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You are a Masterpiece!

In your busy time, bear in mind that you are fearfully and wonderfully made! As described in this verse you are a masterpiece, created by the master potter.

Often we limit our identity to what we have, to our job, rank or position. Sometimes we identify ourselves as being lowly solely on the basis of income. Sometimes we feel we belong to a certain class. But what our ultimate identity is, is the identity we have in our creator. We are masterpiece!

A masterpiece is so valuable that people would bid higher price for it. And we are way beyond valuable that Jesus Christ bid with His own life at stake to redeem us.

I hope today, as you busy and huggle through the issues and transactions of the day, yiu remember that you are valuable. Paid with the highest price, created by the Almighty One! Fearfully! Wonderfully! Made!

God bless you!

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