Saturday, September 27, 2014

Become A Student Of Life

Now I am sharing a portion of Wayne Cordeiro's intro to "Attitudes that Attract Success" he said...

I love to watch people, specially successful people - people who are successful in business, relationships and finances. And I have to learned there is a reason they're successful. Success doesn't happen by accident; people don't stumble onto it by mistake. There are solid reasons why these men and women are successful, and they leave clues behind for us to observe and collect - if we will look for them. A willing student of life will examine these clues and learn that anyone can develop an attitude that attracts success!

One of my favorite pastimes while attending college in Portland, Oregon, involved going to the airport and finding a nice bench adjacent to one hour or two, I would watch people.

I know what you may be thinking, that I am a bit off-kilter. Maybe you're right. Nevertheless, that's what I did. Before you write me off, however, stay with me a moment longer.

I would see a businessman hurrying on his way to an important appointment. I would observe how he was dressed, his mannerisms, the speed with which he walked, the way he would countenance. Did he carry on his face a look of anxiety, joy, or despair or concern?

Then I would spot a young mother carrying a child from one terminal to another, I would try to discern what kind of a person she was. Was she secure or fearful? What kind of day was she having? Was she successful? Was there peace in her heart or was there worry?

I watched students, workers, airport officials and others as they walked to and fro in the concourse. I observed the way they stood, sat, walked and communicated with one another. I watched the focus of their eyes when in conversation. I observed how they greet friends or family members who had to pick them up. And I pondered what it was that made one person successful and another not. What made one life happy and fille with joy, while another seemed empty and hollow?

Each of the lives had a story behind it - a story of struggle or success, of abandon or hope, of pessimism or promise.

Through the years, I have collected and catalogued scores of observations of failure and success. I have attempted to distill the principles I learned and record them for other students of life, like yourself.

Never stop learning. Make it a lifelong goal. Discover new truths and insights that will awaken your spirit. New horizons will help you to look ahead and focus on your potential rather than on your problems, on your future rather than on your failures.


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